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Project Description
Assembly Analyzer is a tool for analyzing the metadata and resources within a .NET assembly, as well as disassembling non-CLI executable files.  The tool allows you to view dependencies of assemblies and members.  It uses the Mirror library (source included) for loading assembly metadata and other Portable Executable-format files.

Note for developers: The projects in the source tree reference a key file named Kokomo.snk in the solution directory. This file is not in the source tree, so you'll need to generate one first.

Update [5/11/2012]:  I posted Release 2.2.29 to address some performance issues.


Features for .NET assemblies 

  • View assembly metadata and resources, including WPF pack:// resources
    • Includes XAML / BAML viewer and previews for image resources
  • View C# code for types and members, including LINQ expressions and anonymous delegates
  • View MSIL code for methods
  • View member dependencies, such as call graphs
  • View XML documentation
  • Export source code and resources for entire assemblies
  • Manage lists of assemblies
  • Open multiple tabs / windows
  • Maintain list of favorite assemblies and members
  • View .NET metadata tables
  • View assembly references and dependencies

Features for non-CLI executable files

  • View DOS, File, and Optional headers
  • View sections and data directories, including Import, Export, and Resource directories
  • View disassembly of exports and entry point procedure

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