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Assembly Analyzer v3.0.31 (Beta) revision

Sep 21, 2016 at 6:00 AM
codewhisperer84 I've revised the last release Assembly Analyzer v3.0.31 (Beta):

In general my impression on this decompiler is very good although if the program to
decompile was done in VB.Net the number of failures in the decompilation is increases
notably. The most problematic class is MyProject.cs is very disorganized and has cost
me much work to rebuild it and get compile it again

But decompilation is generally quite acceptable. The first thing you would have to correct,
in order not to lose too much time in subsequent debugging are the following aspects:

(1) the variable Boolean (0, 1) must be replaced by (false, true)
(2) the variable of get / set "Value" should be replaced by "value"
(3) when the program is built in VB.Net not be added the references using own of library VB.
(4) in the Assembly Switch-case statements are not a good decompilation, failure in the majority of cases.

After that, the next stage should be create the files of resources ".rex"

You should also make possible to be recognizable to the resource files with extension "-txt".
The "Moon" decompiled program has 2 resource files ".txt" that were not decompiled.

I am waiting a new release

Thank you for sharing this nice decompiler.