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Viewing XAML / BAML Resources

An assembly may contain one or more XAML resources, which are encoded as a BAML resource stream.  Assembly Analyzer decodes the BAML stream into a XAML source document.  You can view the XAML either by navigating to the resource, or by navigating to the type that uses the XAML for initialization.

To view the XAML source for a type

  1. Navigate to the type.
  2. Click the XAML tab.


To view the XAML source for a BAML resource

  1. Navigate to the assembly containing the resource.
  2. Double-click the BAML resource.


You can work with a XAML source document the same as a C# source document.  Click on member names with a blue underline to navigate to them.  You can also save the document, either as a XAML document, or a formatted document.  Select XAML document to save the XAML source without the formatting.  Select Formatted flow document to save a formatted document that describes the XAML source.


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