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Working with Dependency Graphs

Dependency graphs depict the relationships between different members.  To view a dependency graph, select a member and switch to the Graphs tab.


The top-level nodes represent the graphs available for the selected member.  Expand the node to view the graph.  Some graphs are contain multiple levels, in which case you can expand the members to see the next-level dependencies.


  • Extended By:  Types that are derived from the selected type
  • Implemented By: Types that implement the selected interface [interfaces only]
  • Instantiated By: Methods that call a constructor provided by the type
  • Referenced By: Any member that references the type, either in the MSIL, as an attribute, or as a data type


  • Assigned By: Methods that assign a value to the field
  • Used By: Methods that reference the field


  • Call Graph: Methods called by the selected method
  • Caller Graph: Methods that call the selected method

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