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Working with Source Code

To view source code, navigate to a type or type member.  The detail section contains a tab titled Source.  Click on this tab to view the source code for the member.


The Source tab displays the C# source code for the member.  Use the image button in the lower-left corner to search the text.  The source code may contain hyperlinks to other members, denoted by the blue underline.  Click on a hyperlink to navigate to the member.  Hold SHIFT while clicking to open the link in a new tab or window.

Click the Save button to save the source code to disk.  Use the first option to save the source code as a text file suitable for compilation.  Use the Formatted flow document option to save the document as a .xaml file with the formatting preserved.  You can open the formatted flow document in Internet Explorer.

Note: In the formatted flow document, all the formatting is preserved, including hyperlinks.  However, the hyperlinks will be ineffective outside of Assembly Analyzer.


For methods, Assembly Analyzer also displays the MSIL tab, which contains the MSIL code read from the assembly.

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